Winter Templates

A set of 3 Winter templates I made yesterday, hope you can find a use for them Smile

Here’s a preview (@ 80%) of them and some tags below I made so you can see them better

Winter Wishes Templates

Template 1
Art ©PinUpToons, I purchased this tube when Rion was at CILM, you can now find his tubes at Creative Desgin Outlet
Scraps are by Abstract Creations and was part of the christmas gift 11 fror PSP Tubes Emporium
I made this tag for Lithy’s challenge in The Zone Group, we had to make a Pink Christmas Tag, think mine is more winter than christmas though lol
Debating tutting this one, haven’t decided yet….

Template 2
Artwork ©Barbara Jensen, tutorial for this one coming in the next few days
This one is animated and the tempate comes with the 3 snow layers ready for you to animate

Template 3
Artwork ©Ismael Rac, again tutorial for this one coming in the next few days


  1. Anna says:

    What wonderful templates Fi. Thank you so much for making them for us to enjoy.
    I am sure these might spark my mojo again.

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