Binding Scripts

This tutorial was written by Fiona Pomfrett on March 27th 2011
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
Scripting and translating of this tutorial is strictly forbidden.

A note to my fellow tut writers, if you would like to link to this tutorial within one of your own,
you are free to do so. Please ensure it is just a text link though

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X2 but this will work in any version

Let’s Start
Let’s start by making a basic script
Something that we use alot of when tagging
Select, All, Float, Defloat
Before we start, you need to make sure your script toolbar is on show
View, down to Toolbars and make sure your Script toolbar is checked
Your script bar should now be on your toolbars along the top

Open a new canvas 400 x 400
Grab your preset shape tool and draw a shape on your canvas
It doesn’t matter what shape, what colour or the position
If you create as vector, convert it to raster

On your script toolbar click the little record icon

Selections, All, Float, Defloat
Now click the little save recording button on your script toolbar

Name your script

Now we need to make sure it works
So on your shape canvas, Selections, None

On your script toolbar is a dropdown menu
Click that and find your AFD script

Now that your afd is showing in the dropdown menu
Click the little play button next to it

YAY a working script 🙂

Now so we don’t have to go trawling through the drop down menu looking for our most used script
We will bind it and create a shortcut
Click on View and down to customize
Along the top menu, click on the Scripts tab

In the top drop down box find you AFD script
Then click on an icon you want to represent that script

Now click the bind button

In the Bound Scripts box at the bottom you will now have an icon with AFD next to it

Now drag that icon onto your toolbar

So that PSP remembers we just did that (putting the icon on the toolbar)
We need to save our workspace
Go to File, down to Workspace and Save
Give you workspace a name so you can easily reload if PSP has a hissy fit!

Thats It!!
You can now bind scripts for use on your toolbar 🙂

You can create scripts for pretty much anything, just play about and see what you need

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