Flaunt It!

This tutorial was written by Fiona Pomfrett on April 27th 2011
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
Scripting and translating of this tutorial is strictly forbidden.

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X2 but this will work in any version
Tube of choice
Fonts of your choice – I used Champagne & Limousines Thick and Clarissa
Mura’s Meister – Copies & Cloud
VM Extravaganza – Transmission
Lokas Software – 3D Shadow *optional*

I used the awesome artwork of KT Bryan
You will need a license from cdo to use her work
Please do not use KT’s work without purchasing a license first.

Let’s Start
Before we start ensure your Status bar and Rulers are on,
View – Toolbars – Status Bar
View – Rulers

Open a new canvas 600 x 250
Copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer
Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur – Radius set to 10
Effects, Plugins, MuRa’s Meister – Copies
Choose Wallpaper (rotate) – default settings
Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur – Radius set to 10
Crop your canvas back to 600×250
Rename Background

Activate Raster 1, which should be an empty layer
Set your foreground to a light colour from your image
Your background colour doesn’t matter
Effects, Plugins, MuRa’s Meister – Cloud

Click Aura from the drop down menu, then click Reset Colours
Ensure that BG is unchecked
Layers, Arrange, Move Up
Change the blend mode to Soft Light
Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds
Set the colour to a dark colour from your image

Rename this layer Clouds

Grab your selection tool – set it to Circle
Keep an eye on your status bar and place your cursor at x:0 y:125

Drag your circle out to 250

Activate your background layer
Selections, Modify, feather by 10 pixels
Selections, Promote selection to layer
Selections, None

On the promoted layer
Layers, Arrange, Bring to top
Effects, Plugins, VM Extravaganza – Transmission
Line Width – 6 / Offset – 6 / Contrast – 0
Change the blend mode of this layer to Hard Light

Activate your clouds layer
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
Image, Mirror (if needed)
Position under the promoted selection
Change the blend mode to Overlay

Activate your promoted layer (this should be your top layer)
Select your preset shape and set it to rectangle
Set your foreground colour to null
Background to a colour of your choice from your image
Create as vector and Anti-Alias both checked
Draw a long thin rectangle along the top of the canvas
When happy, convert to raster
Duplicate, then Image, Flip
With the copy active
Layers, Merge, Merge Down
Rename Stripes

Grab your text tool and choose a bold type font
Set your foreground to null, Background to white
Create as vector and Anti-Alias both checked
Type out a message of your choice (or your name) repeat if needed so it goes across the stripe, but doesn’t go off canvas
I added – Got It? Flaunt It! x3
Position so it sits snuggly in the stripe
When happy, convert to raster

Duplicate and position in the bottom stripe
With your duplicated text layer active
Layers, Merge, Merge Down
Change the blend mode of your text layer to Soft Light

Add your tube again as a new layer
Position on the right hand side
Add a drop shadow of choice – I used Lokas Software – 3D Shadow

A similar effect can be achieved using PSP’s own drop shadow

Grab your text tool again and choose another font
Settings as they were before
Add your name
Use the nodes to stretch it out and/or angle your text
When happy with the placement, convert to raster
Add a drop shadow of choice – I used:
V&H – 2 / Opacity – 75 / Blur – 8 / Colour – same as your stripe

Add your artists copyrights and your own taggers watermark as a new layer

Add a new raster layer
Flood fill with the same colour as your stripes
Selections, All, Modify, Contract by 2 pixels
Press delete
Selections, None
Add a drop shadow – I used
V&H – 2 / Opacity – 75 / Blur – 8 / Colour – Black
Repeat the shadow changing the V&H to -2 (minus 2)

Save as a jpg/png

All Done 🙂

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