Making Scripts

This tutorial was written by Fiona Pomfrett on May 24th 2011
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
Scripting and translating of this tutorial is strictly forbidden.

A note to my fellow tut writers, if you would like to link to this tutorial within one of your own,
you are free to do so. Please ensure it is just a text link though

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X2 but this will work in any version
Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow
Font of Choice – I used 2Peas Airplanes

Let’s Start
Let’s make scripts
I am a very lazy tagger, if there is a shortcut I’ll find it and use it
I use scripts alot
I like simple scripts

For example
If I’m making tags for my always list and the text requires a gradient glow and then a drop shadow
I’ll make a script for it

That way I add the name, convert to raster, run script and save
Saves me lots of time hehe

First things first, make sure you have your script toolbar on
Go to View, Toolbars and make sure Script is checked

You should now have a script bar

Now open a canvas, any size as we’re just going to make a basic text effect script
Grab your text tool and choose a font
Set your foreground to null and your background to a colour of choice
I actually set my background to a gradient
Create as vector & Anti-Alias both checked
Type out your name
Objects, Align, Center in Canvas
Convert to raster

Now before we make our script, we want to make sure all the settings we want to use are right
So duplicate your text and hide the original

On the copy
Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel

Now Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow

Now, Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Now we have all our setting as we want them
Delete the copy of text we were just working on

Unhide the original text layer

Let’s make our script now 🙂
On the script toolbar is a little Circle When you hover your mouse over it, it will say Start Script Recording

Click on that
Now go through each effect again – Inner Bevel, Gradient Glow & Drop Shadow

If you make a mistake, click the Cross and start again
When you’re done, click the end symbol (the disk)

A pop up will appear where you can name your script
I normally name mine to match the tag – May_PUT_05_2011
So name as you want and click Save

Now hide your text
Add some text again, keep the settings the same
After converting to raster

Go to your script toolbar and in the drop down menu look for your script we just made

Now click the Play button

And Hey Presto!

That’s pretty much it

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