Electric Stripe

This tutorial was written by Fiona Pomfrett on July 2nd 2012.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
Scripting and translating of this tutorial is strictly forbidden.

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X4 but any version will do
Tube of Choice
Font of Choice – I used Impact and Champagne & Limousines
MuRa’s – Tone
AAA Frames – Foto Frame
Electric Stripe Gradient
Texture 42 by Bru or one of choice

I used the awesome artwork of Amy Matthews
You will need a license from CDO to use her work.
Please do not use Amy’s work without purchasing a license first.

Let’s Start
Before we start if you don’t have the Electric Stripe gradient you can follow this mini tut {here} that will talk you through making it

Open a new canvas 600×250 and flood fill with white
Set your foreground to Electric Stripe gradient
Style: Linear / Angle: 0 / Repeats: 3 / Invert: unchecked
Add a new raster layer and flood fill with your gradient

Open your texture of choice and copy and paste as a new layer
Position where it looks best
Change the blend mode of the texture layer to Luminance (legacy)

Activate your gradient layer and grab your magic wand with these settings:
Mode: Add (shift) / Match Mode: RGB Value / Tolerance & Feather: 0 / Contiguous & Anti-Alias: Checked
Select the 4 blue stripes
Selections, Promote selection to layer
Selections, None
Layers, Arrange, Bring to top

Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow

Add a drop shadow of choice I used
V&H: 0 / Opacity: 100 / Blur: 7.92 / Color: Blue from the stripe

Duplicate your stripe layer
Working on the copy
Effects, Distortion Effects, Wave

Working on the wave layer
Effects, Image Effects, Offset
H: 0 / V: 25
On the straight line layer
Effects, Image Effects, Offset
H: 0 / V: 13

Select your selection tool and choose custom selection, with these settings:

Activate the wave layer and press delete on your keyboard
Selections, Invert
Activate the straight line layer and press delete
Selections, None
Activate the wave layer again
Layers, Merge, Merge Down

Staying on your merged line layer, select you magic wand (same settings as before)
Click inside the 2 sets of lines
Selections, Modify, Expand by 4 pixels
Hide the lines layer
Edit, Copy Special, Copy Merged
Selections, None
Edit, Paste as a new layer
Effects, Image Effects, Offset
H: 0 / V: 25
Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise
Uniform & Monochrome: Checked / Noise: 8%
Layers, Arrange, Move Down

Activate your texture layer
Add a new raster layer
Effects, Plugins, MuRa’s – Tone
I set both colors to white but this up to you

Lower the opacity of this layer to 26

Copy and paste your close up tube as a new layer
Position on one side so the face is in between the two lines
Duplicate and then, Image – Mirror
On the mirrored copy, reposition if needed
Layers, Merge, Merge Down
Move this tube layer below your tone layer on your layer palette
Change the blend mode (on your tube layer) to Luminance (Legacy)
Lower the opacity to 61

Activate the top layer on your layer palette
Copy and paste your main tube as a new layer
Move down slightly if needed, but keep the tube in the center of the canvas

Select your freehand selection tool with these settings:
Selection type: Point to point / Mode: Add (Shift) / Feather & Smoothing: 0 / Anti-Alias: checked
On the left side of your tube select the tone area in the middle of the lines
On the right side, select the area above and below the lines

Now on the tone layer, press delete
Selections, None

Hide your main tube
Edit, Copy Special, Copy Meged
Edit, Paste as a new image
On the new image
Effects, Plugins, AAA Frames – Foto Frame

Select your selection tool with these settings:
Selection type: Rectangle / Mode: Add (shift) / Feather: 0 / Anti-Alias: Checked
Draw a selection round the frame

Press delete on your keyboard
Selections, None
Copy and paste this image onto your main image as a new layer
This layer should be just below your hidden tube layer

Back on your other image
Crop to size

Repeat the AAA Frames – Foto Frame using the same settings
Repeat the above steps in RED

Select your text tool and choose a bold font
Set your foreground to null, background to black
Create as vector and Anti-Alias both checked
Add your name/message
Use the nodes to stretch your text across the canvas

On your layer palette click the + sign on your text layer
Now right click on the indented layer and select
Convert text to Curves – As Character Shapes
Click the + sign on the indented layer
Click on any letters that need repositioning to follow the lines

Once happy convert to raster
Change the blend mode to Overlay

Still with your text tool, select a different font
Keep the rest of the settings the same
Add your name
Position where it looks best and convert to raster
Add a drop shadow of choice I used
V&H: 2 / Opacity: 81 / Blur: 7.92 / Color: Black

Unhide your main tube (which should be the top layer)
Add a new raster layer above the tube
Flood fill with Black
Selections, All, Modify, Contract by 1 pixel
Press delete on your keyboard
Selections, None
Add the following drop shadow
V&H: 1 / Opacity: 1 / Blur: 1 / Color: from your image (I used #08DADA)
Now repeat the drop shadow changing the V&H to -1 (minus 1)

Repeat the drop shadow again but change the color to another (I used #FF60FF)
Repeat once more, putting the V&H back to 1

And one last time repeat both the +1 and -1 settings this time setting the color to black

Add your artists copyrights and your own taggers watermark as a new layer
That’s it!!!
All Done 😀

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