Leave Your Hat On

This tutorial was written by Fi Pomfrett on March 28th 2015
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
Scripting and translating of this tutorial is strictly forbidden.

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X7 but any version will do
Close Up Tube of Choice
Font of Choice – I used Very Sharky Regular
MuRa’s Meister – Copies
Xero – Porcelain & Radiance
AAA Frames – Foto Frame
Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow

I used the awesome artwork of Robert Alvarado
You can purchase his work and a license from CDO.
Please do not use Robert’s work without purchasing a license first.

Let’s Start
Open a new canvas 600 x 250 and flood fill with black
Copy and paste your close up tube as a new layer
Position so the face in central in the canvas
Duplicate and on the original
Effects, Plugins, MuRa’s Meister – Copies
Choose the Line preset but change the number to 3
Change the blend mode of this layer to Luminance (legacy)
Effects, Plugins, Xero – Porcelain use the default settings
Repeat the porcelain again using the same settings
Effects, Image, Offset – H: 0 / V: 45
Rename B-Line

Duplicate this layer
On the copy – Effects, Plugins, Xero – Radiance use the default settings
Change the blend mode to Overlay
Rename T-Line

Activate your top tube layer – rename Top Tube
Edit, Copy Special, Copy Merged
Edit, Paste as a new layer – This should be your top layer
Adjust, Blur, Radial Blur
Change the blend mode to Screen
Rename Blur

Activate B-Line and duplicate
On the copy – Image, Mirror
Move above T-Line layer
Activate T-line and Duplicate
On the copy – Image, Mirror
Move above Copy of B-Line
Select one half on your canvas using your selection tool and these settings:
Selection type: Rectangle / Mode: Add (shift) / Feather: 0 / Anti-Alias: Checked
Press delete on both Copy of B-Line and Copy of T-Line
Selectio, None

Select your pen tool with these settings:
Mode: Draw Lines & Polylines / Create on vector and Anti-Alias: Checked / Line style: Solid / Width: 50
Set your foreground to white, background set to null
Holding your shift key, draw a horizontal line across the full width of your canvas
Position towards the top, but not to close to the edge
Convert to raster and lower the opacity to 53
Move down below your Top Tube layer on your layer palette

Select your text tool and choose a font
Foreground set to null, Background set to a color of choice
Create as vector and Anti-Alias both checked
Add your text of choice – I wrote ‘you can leave’
Position along the line we drew to the left of your tube
Convert to raster

Repeat the above step with different text -I wrote ‘your hat on’
Position along the line to the right side of your tube
Convert to raster
Layers, Merge, Merge Down
Move this layer above your Top Tube on your layer palette

Activate Blur
Crop canvas back to 600 x 250
Effects, Plugins, AAA Frames – Foto Frame
Using your selection tool with the same settings as before
Select the frame we just created
Selections, Promote selection to layer
Selections, None
Change the blend mode to Hard Light

Select your text tool again using the same settings as before
Add your name
Position where best and convert to raster
You want this directly below your Blur layer
Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow
Set the first color to one from your image, the 2nd to white
Make sure your name is below the Blur layer

Add your artists copyrights and your own taggers watermark as a new layer
Layers, Arrange, Bring to Top
Save as jpg/png
All Done 🙂

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