This tutorial was written by Fi Pomfrett on October 22nd 2016
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. All tutorials are for non-profit personal use only. No distribution allowed except via text link.

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X8 but any version will do
Animation Shop
Tube of Choice
Font of Choice – I used Nail Scratch
RD_MaskSet71_Mask4 by Rachel
Spooked kit by Carita Creationz, part of the Halloweenies 4 Bundle

I used the awesome artwork of Elias Chatzoudis
You can purchase his work and a license from CDO
Please do not use Elias’ work without purchasing a license first.

Let’s Start
Open a new canvas 400 x 400 and flood fill with white
Open 27 and resize by 75%
Copy and paste as a new layer – rename Leaves
Add a drop shadow of choice – I used:
V&H: 2 / Opacity: 52 / Blur: 8.91 / Color: Black / Shadow on new layer: Unchecked

Open 14 and resize by 35%
Copy and paste as a new layer – rename Frame
Select your magic wand with these settings:
Mode: Add (shift) / Match Mode: RGB Value / Tolerance & Feather: 0 / Contiguous & Anti-Alias: Checked
Select inside the frame
Selections, Modify, Expand by 5 pixels
Add a new raster layer – name it Paper 1
Open pp6, copy and paste into the selection
Keep Selected
Add another new raster layer – name it Paper 2
Open pp2, copy and paste into the selection
Selections, None

Rename Paper 2 – Paper 2 A
Duplicate and Rename Paper 2 B
On Paper 2 A, set the opacity to 20
On Paper 2 E, leave the opacity at 100
Hide Paper 2 B
Move the Frame to the top of your layer palette – Layers, Arrange, Bring to Top

Activate Paper 2 B, but keep it hidden
Open 28 and resize by 40%
Copy and paste as a new layer – rename Steps
Position on the right side of the frame
Erase any Steps that are outside the Frame

Activate the Frame
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer – rename Tube
Resize if needed, I resized by 45%, all layers unchecked
Position where it looks best within the frame
Add the same drop shadow as used before

Using your selection tool, with these settings:
Selection type: Rectangle / Mode: Add (Shift) / Feather: 0 / Anti-Alias: Checked
Select any part of your tube that is outside the frame that you want behind it
Selections, Promote to layer
On the original tube layer, press delete
Selections, None
Move the promoted layer below the frame
Erase any tube that is outside the frame

Open 31 and resize to 45%
Copy and paste as a new layer – rename Tree
Position on one side of the canvas
If needed, Image, Mirror
When happy, add the same drop shadow

Open 25 and resize to 25%
Copy and paste as a new layer – rename Bottle
Position at the base of the tree
Add the same drop shadow
Erase any of the tree stem that is below the bottle

Activate the white background layer
Open pp6 again and resize to 350 pixels
Copy and paste as a new layer
Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load Mask from Disk
Look for RD_MaskSet71_Mask4 or mask of choice
Source luminance, Fit to layer and Hide all mask: Checked
Layers, Merge, Merge Group
Duplicate and move the copy to the top of the layer palette – Layers, Arrange, Bring to Top
On the copy change the blend mode to Color (Legacy)
Reduce the opacity to 65

Select your text tool and choose a font – I used Nail Scratch
Note: These settings are for the font I used, if you use a different one, you will have to adjust the settings
Set your foreground to null and background to the same color of choice
Create as vector and Anti-Alias both checked
Add your name and position towards the bottom of the tag
Hold the Crtl key and place your mouse on the bottom right box of the vector so you get a 4 headed arrow
Drag the right corner out a bit
I had to repeat a couple of time and stretch my text upwards until I was happy
When happy, convert to raster
Add the same drop shadow

Add your artists copyrights, scrap credits and your own taggers watermark as a new layer
Hide the white background layer
Crop away the excess canvas
At this point you can save as a jpg/png

To Animate
Unhide the white background
Ensure Paper 2 B is still hidden
Edit, Copy Special, Copy Merged
Over the Animation Shop (AS)
Edit, Paste as a new animation

Back to PSP
Hide Paper 2 A and unhide Paper 2 B
Edit, Copy Special, Copy Merged
Over to AS
Edit, Paste after current frame
Stay in AS

Edit, Select Al
Effects, Insert Image Transition
Select Fade from the drop down menu
You should have 9 frames now
Activate Frame 1 and holding Ctrl select Frame 9, this should only select 1 & 9
Animation, Frame Properties
Set these 2 frames to 65

Activate Frame 2, hold your shift key and select Frame 8
Edit, Copy
Now activate Frame 9
Edit, Paste after current Frame
Animation, Reverse Frames
Save as a gif file
All Done 😀

A snaggable if anyone wants it 🙂

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