View To The Soul

This tutorial was written by Fi Pomfrett on June 16th 2018
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. All tutorials are for non-profit personal use only. No distribution allowed except via text link.

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X9 but any version will do
Image of Choice
Font of Choice – I used Roseland
Swirl Brushes of Choice

I used the awesome artwork of Sarah Richter
You can purchase her work and a license from CDO
Please do not use Sarah’s work without purchasing a license first.

Let’s Start
Open a new canvas 300 x 300
Image, Picture Frame – choose a frame – I used Edge Rough
Frame Canvas and Frame outside of the image: Checked
Activate Raster 1 and flood fill with Black

Copy and paste your image as a new layer
Rename Image 1
Duplicate and rename the copy Image 3
Hide Image 3 for now

With Image 1 the active layer
Image, Decrease Color Depth, 2 Color Palette

Edit, Copy, Edit, Undo
Paste as a new layer – rename Image 2
Change the blend mode to Soft Light
Reduce the opacity to 61

Activate Image 1
Change the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy)
Activate and unhide Image 3
Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur – radius set to 10
Reduce the opacity to 79
Change the blend mode to Overlay

Add a new raster layer – name it Brush 1
Select a brush of choice – I used SwirlDesign5
Set your foreground to white
Click once on your canvas where it looks best
Selections, All, Float, Defloat
Activate Image 2 and press delete
Selections, None
Still with Image 2 active, add a drop shadow of choice – I used:
V&H: 3 / Opacity: 70 / Blur: 7.92 / Color: Black / Shadow on new layer: Unchecked
Activate Brush 1 again and reduce the opacity to 90

Add another new raster layer – name it Brush 2
Choose another brush – I used SwirlDesign13
Change your foreground to Black
Click once and add your brush where it looks best
Change the blend mode to Overlay
Move Brush 2 below Brush 1 on your layer palette

Activate the Picture Frame
Selections, All, Float, Defloat
Press delete on all layers except the Picture Frame layer
Selections, None
Delete the Picture Frame layer

Select your text tool and choose a font – I used Roseland Script
Set your foreground to null, background to a color of choice
Create as vector and Anti-Alias both checked
Add your name and position where it looks best
When happy, convert to raster
Add the same drop shadow as used on the Brush layer

Add your artists copyrights and your own taggers watermark as a new layer
Crop away any excess canvas
Save as a jpg/png
All Done 😀

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