Update #2

Well, that took a little longer than I thought it would! In the last 9/10 days I have uploaded 885 tutorials, a combination of my older tutorials and of course the new tutorials for September!! I admit I have lost quite a few, around 30, maybe 40 (might be more, I admit I didn’t count them) tutorials have been lost, some forever, some are awaiting being re-written. I also have not uploaded my extras, I will dig through my files and see what I have floating round and get some of them re-uploaded too, but that will be an as and when. I figured the tutorials where the important thing, so I wanted to concentrate on getting them on my site. I still have 2 new tutorials that I need to upload too.

If you find any mistakes or missing downloads, let me know please. I’m pretty sure towards the end I was going cross-eyed so some things may have been missed.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to you all for sticking with my during the move and the re-adding of my stuff

Mucho Love to All x

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