The Raven

This tutorial was written by Fi Pomfrett on November 11th 2019
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental. All tutorials are for non-profit personal use only. No distribution allowed except via text link.

Supplies needed:
PSP – I used X9 but any version will do
Tube & Matching Image of Choice
Fonts of Choice – I used FFF Games and Augusthe
MuRa’s Meister – Copies
Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow

I used the awesome artwork of Jennifer Janesko
You can purchase her work and a license from CDO
Please do not use Jennifer’s work without purchasing a license first.

Let’s Start
Open a new canvas 650 x 200 and flood fill with grey #929292
Copy and paste your image as a new layer – rename Image 1
Position on the far left of your canvas, you don’t need all the image on the canvas
Duplicate and Image, Mirror – rename the copy Image 2

Activate Image 1 again – move above Image 2
Effects, Plugins, MuRa’s Meister – Copies
Use the Default setting BUT change the number to 10

You want the copies to overlap Image 2

If this doesn’t happen, click Edit, Undo and try again
You will get a different effect every time, slightly annoying but fun at the same time!
Effects, Art Media Effects, Brush Strokes

Move Image 1 below Image 2

Activate Image 2 and grab your Selection Tool with these settings:
Selection type: Rectangle / Mode: Add (Shift) / Feather: 0 / Anti-Alias: Checked
Select the edge of Image 2

Selections, Modify, Feather by 50 pixels
Press delete a couple of times to soften the hard edge of your image
Selections, None

Activate Image 1 and duplicate
On the original – Change the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy)
On the copy – Change the blend mode to Overlay and reduce the opacity to 67

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer – rename Tube
Position where it looks best, I have mine on the far left
Change the blend mode to Luminance (legacy) and reduce the opacity to 85
Move your tube layer between Image 1 and Copy of Image 1
Add a drop shadow of choice to your tube – I used:
V: 0 / H: 15 / Opacity: 72 / Blur: 11.88 / Color: Black / Shadow on new layer: Unchecked

Activate Image 2
Add a new layer, flood fill with Black and rename Frame
Selections, All, Modify, Contract by 15 pixels
Press delete and Selections, None

Select your text tool and choose a pixel font – I used FFF Games
Set your foreground to null, background the grey we used earlier (#929292)
Create as vector Checked
Anti-Alias turned OFF
Add your text of choice, I wrote ‘ ● The Raven’
Repeat so it goes across the canvas

When happy, convert to raster – rename Text 1
Duplicate and on the copy – Image, Image Effects, Offset
If you used a different size canvas, you will have to adjust your Offset

Rename Text 2

Duplicate Text 2
Image, Free Rotate, Left 90 degrees
Position along the left edge
Erase any bits you don’t want/need
I selected the areas to be deleted on my screen shot below

Rename Text 3

Duplicate Text 3
Image, Free Rotate, Right by 180 degrees
Effects, Image Effects, Offset

Again you may need to adjust the offset if your canvas is a different size
Erase any bits you don’t need/want again
Rename Text 4

Activate the Frame – Selections, All, Float, Defloat
Selections, Modify, Expand by 1 pixel
Add a new raster layer – name it Base Frame
Move this below the Frame layer
Flood fill with Grey (#929292)
Selections, None
Activate Frame again
Selections, All, Modify, Contract by 1 pixel, Invert and press delete
Selections, None

Activate Text 4 and reduce the opacity to 50
Activate Text 3 and reduce the opacity to 50
Hide all layers, except the 4 text layer
Layers, Merge, Merge Visible – rename Text
Layers, View, All

Select your text tool again and choose another font – I used Augustha
Keep your settings the same as before BUT turn Anti-Alias back on
Change your background color if required
Add your name and position where it looks best
When happy, convert to raster
Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow

Effects, 3D Effects, Innver Bevel

Repeat the inner bevel again with the same settings

Add your artists copyrights and your own taggers watermark as a new layer
Save as jpg/png
All Done

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